Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installation: Hypnotic Qualia on LEA 18 Is a Highlight of 2014

Artist Frankx Lefavre has created a stunningly beautiful art installation on LEA 18 (Linden Endowment for the Arts) that is one of the highlights of Second Life for 2014. It is both profound and mesmerizing,  with moving shapes, rays, stars, and energy fields interacting with each other and the viewer in ways that can literally produce vertigo if looked at for too long. What makes this exhibit a stand-out besides the sheer beauty of the design is its psychological impact on the viewer.

Qualia n is based on the ideas of Professor Frank Jackson's philosophical thought experiment he called Mary's room, which Frank Lefavre explains in detail below.

The exhibit is enclosed, and the choice of Windlight Sky Setting is not that important, as long as you pick one that shows vivid contrast between light and dark shapes.

To visit (through the end of December 2014). You will arrive in this op-art box, just walk to the corners for walls to automatically open to enjoy this higly recommended art installation.

Artist Frankx Lefavre explains Qualia:

"Mary is a brilliant scientist who is, for whatever reason, forced to investigate the world from a black and white room via a black and white television monitor. She specializes in the neurophysiology of vision and acquires, let us suppose, all the physical information there is to obtain about what goes on when we see ripe tomatoes, or the sky, and use terms like ‘red’, ‘blue’, and so on. She discovers, for example, just which wavelength combinations from the sky stimulate the retina, and exactly how this produces via the central nervous system the contraction of the vocal cords and expulsion of air from the lungs that results in the uttering of the sentence ‘The sky is blue’. [...] What will happen when Mary is released from her black and white room or is given a color television monitor? Will she learn anything or not?"

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The GIFS below were made using the online service from 12- 18 single frame images.

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