Monday, December 29, 2014

Gorgeous Second Life Winter Destinations: The Boom Winter Wonderland

The Boom Winter Wonderland is a scenic mountain destination that spans two sims. The terrain is rugged and very natural in areas -- the landscaping here is non-repetitive and very well done. Many activities are available - ice skating, a working ski lift, cafes, snowmobiles, dancing, and a gacha fair are all here. There is a sleigh ride which tours the two sims near the arrival area.
Zarrakan Productions has a video of the  ride over at You Tube.

The destination advertises live music on Wednesdays and some Thursdays.

The destination has many good photoraphic activities. The top salmon-hued images were photographed using the native Windlight Sky setting programmed at the region. I used several nighttime settings for the lower images.

To Visit:

To find more places to visit, go to the Second Life Destination Guide for Winter Attractions:

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