Friday, December 19, 2014

GA Winterfest: Blogger NakedCarl's Photography for Friday, December 19

Blogger NakedCarl continues his photographic coverage of  GA Winterfest, which will continue daily activities and parties for the rest of this week through Sunday, December 21.

All photography in this post is from NakedCarl's Blog which you can catch here.  You can also catch his photography from other Winterfest days:
To see the Winterfest Schedule:

Your taxi to Winterfest:

Events are in reverse chronological order, with the latest event listed first. Please go to each link to see more photographs of the event.


Winterfest at the Boots Club
With DJ Lion


Winterfest - Corinthia Isle
Location: Main State
With DJ Jay Sparrowtree and Host Ilyas Almir


Winterfest at Boots Beach
With DJ Chase and Host Christope


Winterfest - Suedland  Scandals Club
Location: Main Stage
With DJ Thordin and Host Sylvok


Winterfest Gat Gor Hub
Location: Main Stage
With DJ Rezz Host Jay Summers


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