Monday, December 8, 2014

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip: This Asus Gaming Desktop Is A Great Buy for Second Life at $730.00

If you are looking for an excellent gaming desktop for Second Life this computer at New Egg is the best one for the price to date -- $729.00.

I am amazed that a quality computer is available at this price.  This is a powerful computer -- and will easily let you experience Second Life in ultra shadows on most sims without even realizing you are on this high a resolution.

ASUS M32AD-US021S Desktop PC Intel Core i5 4460 (3.2GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Shipping is free in the  USA.  You must purchase an extended warranty -- at least for two years -- if you get this. The one offered at New Egg is only $90 including accident protection (in case you spill something on it) for two years and is worth it.

Why is this computer so good?

1. It includes the NVDIA GeForce GTX 760 which I reviewed here yesterday and urged people who can to upgrade to. This is one of the best graphic cards around and costs $170.00 (at least) to purchase on its own.  The card has a 3 gig memory.

2. It includes the excellent Intel 4th generation i5-4460  processor. Purchasing this alone would run you $190.00

3. The 500 watt power supply is the minimum required for optimal performance.  Dell desktops of this size only give you a 300 watt power supply.

4. The Operating system is Windows 8.1-- you should be getting a parth to an upgrade at a reduced price or even for free when Microsoft releases Windows 10 later in 2015.  Windows 10 should be a great operating system.

5. Asus is a quality manufacturer with a good reputation.  You can not getting some fly-by-night custom desktop with questionable components.  PC Magazine has apparently given this a readers choice award, but I have not found the link online.

If you were to try to build this computer from components, it would run you at least this amount without the Windows operating system which costs at least $100 without a license. I do not know about you, but I do not want to spend the time assembling my own computer and worry about not doing it correctly. I once had a computer blow up on me when I put in a new power supply. I want to have it done for me.

You can read more about the ASUS M32 here:

Here is a short video:

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