Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday: This Desktop Computer for $899.00 Is Excellent for Second Life And a Great Value

Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2E Gaming Desktop

This high-end Acer Predator a very good computer for Second Life, Gaming, making machinima and high-send photography, and just about anything else you can think of.
It is on sale at Amazon for $899.00, and fits my budget of $1,000.00.

I reviewed a similar Predator (which really just is serving as a base here) last Monday for about $700. This version is far more powerful, and in my opinion, is well worth the extra cost.

It has the NVIDIA 760 GTX which I have, and highly recommend. I installed this graphic card in my desktop (which is actually an earlier model of the very well made Acer Predator).  What this computer does have and I do not is a fourth generation generation of the excellent Intel I-7 Chip Set, the 4770. I have an earlier second generation model of the Intel I-7 which is less powerful than this newer set.

The Predator has a good power supply (500 watt) which is more than adequate for this range of  graphics card. The power supply has never given me any problems,  Dell and some other manufacturers chronically underpower their desktop rigs with 300 watt supplies in many cases. My advice is not to go under 500 watts for a gaming computer.

If you were trying to assemble a custom rig and purchase similar components separately, even on sale, I estimate the minimum amount you would spend would be at least  $1,100.  This does not include the software cost, and you would have to assemble it yourself. This is really a good buy.

The operating system is Windows 8.1. Microsoft will be replacing this version of Windows with the new Windows 10 system sometimes in late 2015, and initial reports of that version are good. There should be an upgrade path offered to current Windows 8.1 users at a discount price if you want to upgrade, but all this is speculative.

I have spent a week looking for great Second Life computers. Buy this one if you are looking with a 3 or 4 year warranty.  I would buy directly from Amazon -- they are selling it directly and offering their own warranties (or branded third party ones), and Amazon has a good record for customer service.

Buy this computer if you want a serious device for Second Life that runs Windows and does not cost over $1,000.00. This is the best deal I have seen in two weeks. It should be offered after Cyber Monday (today).

You can find this computer on Amazon here, but if the link is dead, just search for the model number I give above:

A good review from 2014  can be found here:

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