Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Current Events: First The Good News, and Then The Bad News About Florida

There are two stories being reported in the news media about my home state of Florida today. 

First the good news. As of today, according to the U.S. Census, Florida is officially the third most populous state in the United States with 19,9 million people.  New York, which used to be #3, now moves to #4 with about 19.7 million people California and Texas remain the two most populated States in the United States. 

Now the bad news. Remember that I reported here last Saturday that marriage equality will come to Florida on January 6, 2015?  Well not so fast. As of today, it is still uncertain where, if anywhere, same-sex couples can marry in Florida on that day. The U.S. Federal Court orders and rulings that have made marriage equality the law of the Florida need to be tightened and made more clear. It is very confusing, and we are still waiting to hear about this. We know for sure that some places in Florida will refuse to comply with the decision. 

So there you have it!  Good news and bad news about the Sunshine state!  Oh, the weather is warm and glorious here, we are in a heat wave, so come and visit if you can!

The guy below is not me (I know, everyone can't believe this is true) but he is a native Floridian and waiting for you to visit!

Please have a great Christmas Eve!

All the best, 

Eddi and Ryce

A Native Floridian Is Waiting For You To Visit!

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