Thursday, November 27, 2014

Today is Our Birthday! Eddi and Ryce's Second Life Celebrates Six Years of Publishing With 7,000 Posts and Two Million Page Views

Eddi and Ryce's Second Life celebrates our 6th birthday today.

I started this blog as Eddi Haskell on November 27, 2008. I was a Second Life resident for 22 months then. I wanted a place to record my experiences in Second Life, a diary that I could share with others. I had not yet discovered my passion for virtual photography then -- this blog has since changed primarily into a forum for my to share my work with others.

Six years seems so long ago. The United States of America was looking forward to a newly elected President, Barack Obama, who had not yet taken office. The terrible worldwide economic recession, which affected me and I am sure many of you now reading this, was just underway. Second Life was still relatively young, with many of us anticipating the same type of growth that Facebook would have in the next 6 years, growth that would elude but which is still forecast for virtual reality as Oculus-type headsets enter the market next year.

In 6 years this blog has published 7,000 posts, a number we reached two days ago, and has had over 2 million unique page views,

Although the Google counter on our home page shows over 1,880,000 page views, Google did not track our blog hits for our first year, and we had well over 120,000 page views in our first year of publishing according to another counter we were using. In addition, Ryce's blog, which is a mature extension of this blog, has over 129,000 unique page views not counter in these totals.

I have has one rule -   I will never say anything negative, or provide information that should not be shared, about any Second Life resident for any reason, with no exceptions.  Blogging should be fun, and I never want anyone worrying about what is written here.

If there is one thing that I would like to do, it is to make this blog more visible in Google search.  The main thing I need to do is provide more index pages of content, and remove the huge amount of links that are on our  home page that are also slowing uploading of this blog by anyone without a fast internet connection.

Google and other search engines gives poor marks to any web page that provides too many links to other web sites, and as you approach 100 links on your home page, you become invisible. Get ready for some changes shortly as I try to improve our visibility on the web.

I publish another blog, Ryce Skytower's blog for mature content. Ryce is my Second Life alternative account, and my prime identity inworld these days as Eddi Haskell is the formal "official" side of me. This blog does not have a mature rating, and Ryce's blog does, which lets me link to adult content on his site. You can find Ryce's blog here:

Thank you for reading, and it has been a pleasure blogging!

Eddi Haskell (and Ryce Skytower who is also me)!


  1. Congrats Eddi!!!!! You are the best and the main inspiration for all us... you do a great job and amazing photos, thanks, thanks thanks!!!!

  2. Congratulations Eddi! You certainly are a role-model for your fellow bloggers, for longevity, productivity (where do you find the time to do so many posts?) and general excellence. I have unofficially adopted your Golden Rule as my own guideline and found it very useful ... great principles and nicely expressed. I'll look forward to your next six years and beyond!

  3. appy Brthday to this blog. What can I say Benja says it all vert well.

  4. Thanks everyone for all the kind words!


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