Thursday, November 20, 2014

Second Live Events: Visit The 2014 Toys for Tots & Breedable Expo by Sunday November 23 For Some Great Holiday Buys

A visit to The Toys for Tots & Breedable's Expo is a great way to get your holiday spirits off the ground. Items including Second Life's best breedables, which I have to confess I do not know much about, and unique holiday items such as the Christmas sweater Ryce Skytower purchased for $100L  are available for sale. You may find a dance party or concert going on through Sunday, November 23 when the event closes.

To visit (event closes Sunday November 23):

The event is located over 2 sims

.All proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots, one of the finest social service organizations anywhere, which delivers toys and other Christmas presents to thousands of poor children who would not receive any otherwise. In the U.S.A, Toys for Tots are actually delivered to needy children by United States Marines, many who have said that it is one of the best things they do all year.

To find out more information about the event:

Toys for Tots Web Site:

Ryce's Holiday Sweater Cost $100 Linden with All Proceeds Going to Toys for Tots

Unique Breedables Are Available

Cute Teddy Bear On Sale

Who Wouldn't Want a Marine in Uniform Paying a Visit To Your Home?

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