Saturday, November 15, 2014

Masterwork Machinima: Antonov AN-2 Startup by Natascha Randt

Master machinima artist Natascha Randt has produced a work in Second Life that needs to be seen by any aviation buff.  Over 18,000 An-2 biplanes were built in the Soviet Union and Russia from 1947 - 2002 and are in service all over the world. The airplane is can be purchased for about $30,000 used, making it a real value -- even thought it's maintenance can be complicated. The An-2 is a fun airplane in any world; nothing connects with the heavens as a loud, graceful biplane reaching gracefully for the clouds.

Make sure to see this video if you love Second Life, it looks fantastic in Natascha's grey shoot.

To find out more about the An-2 Biplane:

To see other great machinima check out Natascha's You Tube channel:

To see another machinima that Natascha has dome that I really like on a modern Russian bomber:

Here is an actual video on an An-2 in Hungary.  Look at how much Natascha's virtual video resembles the one in real life.

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