Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Whispering Windz' Tudor Village Is a Gorgeous Destination to Visit

Shaylin Yordstorm's Whispering Windz' Tudor Village,which is also called Whisperdale, is a gorgeous destination. The area that I arrived is built as a Tudor Village in the Elizabethan Era in Britain -- but architecture from other periods, including colonial American, Dutch, Greek Classical, and Modern builds, populate the landscape.

There is a working boat tour you can take of the village. I especially liked the rope bridges which give a birds eye tour of the richly wooded sim.  The landscape was set to late autumn when I took these photographs, the sim should convert to a Winterscape in mid December. This is a very well designed and relaxing destination, and I highly recommend that you visit.

I had some problems with lag when I arrived which soon vanished when my graphics card adjusted to all the wonderful textures and lighting effects utilized in the build. Give yourself a few minutes after you arrive if you have the same issue.

The Windlight Sky Setting was set to rich early morning dawn sunrise light when I visited,and which I use in these images.  The sky varies throughout the day.

To visit:

To see excellent photography of this destination head over to Caitlin Tobias'es Blog:

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