Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: To The Stars, A Major Performance Venue Set In Snowy Mountains

"To The Stars", a Second Life performing arts venue, has a wide range of live concerts and other performances, with several scheduled per day right now.  The large beaux-arts inspired concert hall is very well done and set in a magnificent mountain landscape. The environs are lightly dusted with snow and are fit with Christmas lights, and are a very attractive place to visit.. I particularly like the huge waterfall across from the front of the hall, and the massive weather green copper roof, which a classically inspired building of the beaux-arts period 100 years ago like the old Paris Opera House (Paris Garnier) has  now.

This is a very pretty destination- a place where you can take that special person to dance with you under the clear mountain winter light, or where you relax on your own taking in all the gorgeous alpine scenery. I highly recommend you visit.


Calendar of events: (set to Second Life time)

Ericc Arkright  plays the guitar and sings at the venue and I like his music, which I think qualifies as R&B. Here is his Sonic Cloud if you would like to hear him or download his music. He has several recordings:

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