Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Haveit Neox's Tropical Fantasy at ACC Alpha Is a Must-See Destination

Imagine a romantic Mediterranean city with domes, spires, turrets, and towers all made from old honey-colored stone-- Marrakech, Morocco or Bologna, Italy come to mind. Now transport this city to an equatorial jungle bay, and let parts of it fall into ruins-- making it even more exotic and beautiful.  Tame some of the jungle growth by turning it into lush cultivated gardens, add modern sculpture, and you have a unique destination to visit.

This is the best way I can describe ACC Alpha by Haveit Neox, one of the most breathtaking and best designed builds in Second Life, and highly recommended for a visit, along with the neighboring sim of Sparquerry. Activities including gallery events and performances are also held here:


Haveit Neox's Website for ACC Alpha:

My photography of Haveit Neox's Paper Observatory from January 2014:

My photography of Haveit Neox;s A Rusted Development from 2012:

More Photography from this destination is available at The World of Yana


Haveit Neox has an art installation available for viewing, The Gods Dwindle, at the following location:

You can see one photograph  from this installation below, I plan to do a more extensive review here later this month. For more information:

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