Sunday, November 30, 2014

From Bock McMillan's Blog: The Gay Archipelago Announces New Lead and Vice Lead

The new GA Lead-team courtesy of the GA WeBlog
Chris (center), Parvin (left) & Weylin (right)
(From Bock in Second Life)

This is from Bock McMillan (Bock in Second Life):

Today I received some long awaited news from the Gay Archipelago group.

Several months ago Rico Bluestar stepped down as Lead of the GA, since then there has been a selection process in the owners group to find a new Lead to replace him. The selection has now come to a successful conclusion with today's announcement.

The new lead-team of the Gay Archipelago will consist of Chris Magic as Lead, Weylin Vale as Vice Lead and with Parvin (Xcept Atlas) continuing as Public Relations Lead.

Continued over at Bock in Second Life. Please head over there for more information. And congratulations to the new leads!

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