Saturday, November 29, 2014


I was challenged by fellow blogger Bock McMillan to take part in the #feelingnuts campaign to combat testicular cancer. So this is my response to his challenge.

Ryce Skytower is taking the challenge as Santa's Little Helper.  Ryce is taking time off packing presents for all good boys and girls at the North Pole and happily is feeling his nuts for the campaign. Ryce would like everyone to know that he is NOT scratching an itch.

I am passing the buck on and am now challenging my husband Benja Aquila and good friend Winchi Hollow  to do the same.

Join the  movement, share #feelingnuts on Twitter and get everyone checking their rocks.

Read more about this campaign here CheckingOneTwo.

In case no one has heard the news, Bock McMillan's nuts have gone international as his handsome Swedish body in green shorts has joined Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca as a main feature of the #feelingnuts campaign. Take a look at the top left photo on the home page on Twitter last night!  Congrats Bock!

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  1. Thank you for accepting the challenge, Ryce, and for your kind words ;)


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