Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ryce Skytower's Second Life is Five Years Old Today

Ryce Skytower's blog is five years old today.

In case you are wondering why Ryce has a separate blog, it is used for mature content -- and to repeat posts about Ryce. This blog now covers both Eddi and Ryce,  is publicized, and has much more readership then Ryce's blog does.

Ryce Skytower's Second Life still managed to generate over 126,000 pageviews, and run 855 posts in 5 years which is not a bad acomplishment on its own!

Ryce will be drinking champagne and celebrating all day!  (In case you do not yet know, Ryce is my Second Life alt).

So Congratulations Ryce on a job well done!

-- Eddi Haskell

You can catch Ryce's first post here from 2009:


  1. Congratulations; your hard work and diligence has achieved a significant milestone in an area where blogs come and go. Bravo!

  2. Congrats Ryce. Great to see you back from New York. Have missed seeing you. Love your blog.

  3. Thank you guys! I am back in Second Life and hope to see both of you soon!


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