Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ryce Finds Out He is Irish On His Sixth Rez Day!

This concerns some news about myself in real life.  I just found out that I am part Irish! I had no idea until now.

OHare's Gap in Second Life

I love St. Patrick's Day and the entire idea of celebrating Ireland, the blessed Emerald Isle. In fact, St Paddy's Day is celebrated every year in this blog -- more than any other holiday. I always preface the celebrations by letting people know why I celebrate the holiday even though until today I thought that I had no Irish ancestry at all.

I am wrong!  I am part Irish!
Well I have been proven wrong!  Ancestry.com has a DNA test that you can take to determine your ancestry.  The test costs $99.00 and is painless, you put your saliva in a vile and mail it in and wait a few weeks for your results.

Although I thought my ancestry was anything but Irish, I found out that a significant portion of my DNA is from Irish ancestors. Needless to say I am delighted, as is Ryce who is celebrating on his sixth rez day by wearing his St. Patrick's Tartan in Ohare's Gap which you can visit here:


You can see more photography from Ohare's Gap, a good representation of a seaside town in Ireland here:


So now you have it! Ryce is part Irish and wears his green in Pride! Erin Go Bragh everyone!  If you are so inclined, please listen to this song, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, by  Irish Tenors, in Ryce's honor.

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