Friday, October 24, 2014

Horrific Destinations for Halloween: Innsmouth, A Classically Creepy Second Life Destination

Halloween in Second Life is one of the most celebrated events of the year. A great many sim designers have gone through considerable time and expense to showcase what is both magical and horrible. I will reviewed Deadpool, another horrific destination here yesterday, and will continue to review a destination through October 31, Halloween itself.

Innsmouth, a deserted New England fishing town from the 1930's, is a very creepy place to visit. There is something upsetting about the fog and strange light which surround the town. Apparently, the residents had to leave suddenly for reasons not known.  If you explore a bit, including the well done building interiors, you may find the reasons why. Make sure to turn the sound up to listen to the sound effects when you visit.



The 2014 Second Life Destination Guide Haunted Location Directory of can be found at:

Community Flickr Group for more photography:

Innsmouth Facebook Page:

Schedule of  Reviews for Halloween 2014 (SLurls to destinations are highlighted):

Wednesday, October 22: Haunted Halloween Tour
Thursday, October 23:  Deadpool
Friday, October 24:   Innsmouth
Saturday, October 25:   RMK Gothic Ghost Academy 
Sunday, October 26:   Hell House
Monday, October 27:   Dysphoria
Tuesday,  October 28:   St.Mary of Bethlehem Asylum
Wednesday, October 29:   Return of the Nightmare Walkthrough 
Thursday, October 30:   Done Wiv a Twist
Friday, October 31:   Faircrest

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