Thursday, October 30, 2014

Haunted Destinations for Halloween: The Driving Electrical Storm at Done Wiv a Twist

Done Wiv a Twist has a very good renditions of a driving electrical storm. Fog hugging the ground and other strange lights complete a haunted effect. You can feel yourself getting soaking wet and worrying about electrocution as you make your way across the bramble bridge as you take cover in a ghostly cabin. I show animated GIF's to demonstrate this as the last two photographs in this post. The destination is divided into two areas, the first is a pleasant late October landscape when you arrive, walk a bit (you may have to adjust your graphics down) and enter the electrical storm.

To visit:

Recommended Windlight Settings (note: the destination was not programmed to these settings when I visited):   Sky: "AnaLu - outdoor city night",  Water:"Blackwater"



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Schedule of  Reviews for Halloween 2014  (SLurls to destinations are highlighted):

Wednesday, October 22: Haunted Halloween Tour
Thursday, October 23:  Deadpool
Friday, October 24:   Innsmouth
Saturday, October 25:   RMK Gothic Ghost Academy 
Sunday, October 26:   Hell House
Monday, October 27:   Dysphoria
Tuesday,  October 28:   St.Mary of Bethlehem Asylum
Wednesday, October 29:   Return of the Nightmare Walkthrough 
Thursday, October 30:   Done Wiv a Twist
Friday, October 31:   Faircrest

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