Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hard Core Second Life: Ryce Discovers Pole Dancing at Wet Lust

The captions below tell the story of how Ryce becomes a pole dancer at Wet Lust, an adult-rated roleplay region with an urban sexual theme.

To find out how Ryce landed in this predicament, and to see more photography from Wet Lust,
check out my earlier post from last month

To visit:

Security Guard Ryce Skytower was patrolling Wet Lust on his motorcycle.

Ryce questioned a bus stop trollop about her loitering.

She managed to convince Ryce to take off his shirt
so that she could "examine the goods".

She then tells Ryce he can at least triple his income by wearing fewer clothes.
Ryce is intrigued.

He needs more money, and likes the feel of the cool night air on his bare skin.
Ryce stops and thinks.

What about the strip club in town?

He has heard that they have male strippers on staff.
Ryce heads over to the strip club.

Ryce decides to apply for a job while showing his baton off.
The manager of the club hires Ryce immediately!

 His gets paid $10 an hour and whatever money is shoved into his pants as tips.  
Will Ryce make it as a pole dancing stripper?

He has not yet told his partner Benja about this.

But for now it sure is fun!


  1. Replies
    1. Carl, I had to convince Ryce that - although being a Pole Dancer is fun -- he could not expect to make a decent wage doing it in the long term. But he appreciates your support :).


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