Thursday, October 30, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: 'Little Town' by Cica Ghost Opens Today -- And Is a Total Feat For The Eyes

Cica Ghost's latest art installation,  'Little Town' , opens to the public today and is a total feast for the eyes. Cica has done several art great installations over the years in Second Life, and I think this is her best one yet. I was very impressed by all the diverse elements in Cica's vision -- including Steampunk, Russian, and German medieval touches that all work so well together. This installation would make a wonderful set for a great Wagner Opera -- Die Meistersinger von N├╝rnberg comes to mind-- and is just the type of art that a major performance company would just love to experiment with in virtual reality.

This is a very interactive art installation, with moving gears and other items, automobiles that drive, and assorted balloons and other flying machines for the visitor to use. Try to get your viewer settings up to the highest level possible so you can appreciate the rich texture detailing which adds so much to the charm of the installation.

There were quite a few visitors on opening day, so you may have a bit of a crowd present when you arrive.

All photography was taken with the Windlight Sky Setting set for the parcel. I applied some sharpening to bring out the refined texture detailing, and a slight lomo effect to bring out the three-dimensional aspect of the photographs.  

I highly recommend that you visit. I plan to come back and take some animated GIFS of the moving gears and other machinery.

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