Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Hegel, by Leoa Piek at The Philosopher's Stone

I have not visited the art installations at The Philosopher's Stone before  at Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) 17, and I am glad I caught them before it closes. The Philosopher's Stone is comprised of 15 different art installations in a master exhibit  curated and created by Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick. All installations are located on islands in the sky can be visited from a central teleport location. The installation has been up since March 30, and I imagine that it will be coming down sometimes soon art exhibits rotate on the LEA sims.

Hegel, by Leoa Piek, celebrates the great German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who lived from 1770 - 1831 and revolutionized modern philosophy. Hegel explained, among other concepts, that though is not something that simply circulates around in people's minds -- but  is reality itself. To Hegel, thought as reason was one of the greatest accomplishments of man. I found the installation on Hegel by Brazilian artist Leoa Piek to be very evocative of Hegelian ideals and very well done.

You can visit Hegel here.


SLurl to arrival area where you can teleport to all 15 exhibits"

LEA Blog post on the Philospher's Stone:

Ziki Questi's blog post and excellent photography on the exhibit:

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