Monday, October 20, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: That's Italy by Mexi Lane

That's Italy is a new art installation by conceptual artist Mexi Lane over at The Imagin@rium.
Imagine a rusted cargo ship named Italy - full of small buildings and cargo containers- and surrounded by a tugboat and lifeboats full of sculptural objects resembling people, with some dead bodies thrown overboard, and you have the charm of this That's Italy. Gulls flying around and admiring the floating bodies as potential carrion ad to the charm of the exhibit. At first, I thought that the exhibit was a metaphor for the atrocious Italian food one gets when visiting the city of Venice, but I am wrong -- the cargo ship is named Italy itself.

You can get a hovercraft and sail around the exhibit, which is a great way to ee things close up.

To visit the exhibit over at the Imagin@rium.  Note: This exhibit will be up for a limited amount of time.


To see my photography of an art exhibit called "Trash" by artist Mexi Lane in February 2014:

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To see Caitlin Tobias's review and more photography:


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