Friday, October 24, 2014

For Coffee Lovers in the U.S.A, How to Enjoy Better Coffee from Europe and Save Money at the Same Time

I do not usually do this, but I want to share a great deal I have found with my readers in the U.S.A. who like quality coffee. I purchase mine online from a company that specialized in distributing quality European coffees in North America, Enjoy Better Coffee, at a very good price.

I think that European coffee tastes much better than the American counterpart. I discovered this when I lived in Europe. American mass-produced coffee tastes a bit burned and bitter to me, and does not have the mellow and richer flavor of what they sell in Europe. The low end  mass-produced coffee such as Maxwell House and Folgers tastes especially bad, more expensive coffee such as Starbuck's or Peet's also is not up to par compared to Europe.

Coffee as Culture in Europe, The Mozart Cafe in Vienna

Here is my most recent order for $75.24 which includes free shipping.  Remember to take the 5% first-time discount for your first order, and look at the close-out sales for good deals.

This is for 13 packs of coffee, 3750 grams or about 8 1/4 pounds of some very quality coffee which will last me about 4 months.

This works out to about $9.12 a pound (16 ounces)  for coffee. This is less expensive than what you normally pay for a midrange ground coffee in the USA, like Starbucks -- which usually retails for $7.99 for 11 or 12 ounces here in Florida.

The coffees I purchased on my most recent order are:

8 Packs Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma Ground Coffee 250g   $49.99 
Note: This is the most expensive coffee I purchase but it is my favorite coffee ever. 

1 Helmut Sachers Vienna Ground Coffee 250g   $6.99 

1  Segafredo Philtre D'Or Ground Coffee 250g - Special Sale  $2.29 

1  Special Sale Arvid Nordquist Classic Dark Roast Ground Coffee 500g   - $5.49 

1  Special Sale Dallmayr Classic Ground Coffee  250g  $2.49 

1  Tchibo Beste Bohne Ground Coffee 500g  $7.99 

Here is their web site. Note that I am not making commissions or getting anything here, I am just writing this as a service for my readers.

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