Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn Foliage Week 2014: Mountain Lake Glory at Heart Song

Autumn is my favorite time for landscape photography. Many regions of Second Life are now bursting out in gorgeous warm Autumn colors. I will be spending the next week photographing destinations which showcase glorious autumn colors at their peak. You can catch the list of destinations I have selected further down this article.

Heart Song reminds me of one of the most magnificent destinations I have visited in the North American West, Crater Lake National Park in the State of Oregon. Crater Lake is a volcano that exploded and collapsed about 7,700 years ago; one of the deepest and bluest lakes in the world has filled the center of the mountain. The sim-sized crater at Heart Song, with the Bean Coffeeshop in the middle of the build is a good virtualization of this effect. There is no fall foliage at the actual Crater Lake; sparse pine trees only grow there. The overall effect of Heart Song is very realistic and striking and highly recommended for a visit.


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