Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Horrific Second Life Destinations: Psycho Misfits, A Creepy and Nightmarish Place to Visit

Psycho misfits is full of creepy builds that really can get on your nerves, especially with the weird and psychotic sounds in the background that urge you to do absolutely horrific things to yourself and others. Although the builds are stock settings (The Bates Motel out of Hitchcock's Psycho for example), they are done with just the right amount of disgust and tension to be a great destination to visit.

Teleport to Ground Level:Door at the End of the Arrival Hallway

I especially liked the arms growing out the cemetery earth with looked especially frightening, and the killer-clown infested circus which would give any child nightmares. Highly recommended.

All photography was taken using Windlight Sky Setting (TOR) Dusk Fairytale Glow

To visit:

I reviewed another horrific destination- Shoreditch- a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic town here yesterday.

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