Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Wet Lust, and The Seduction of Ryce Skytower. A Morality Tale.

Ryce asks a bus stop trollop to move along. She is very intrigued by Ryce's baton.

"Wet Lust" is an adult role play destination that is full of very cool visages featuring inhabitants who do not move or speak -- but add much to the allure. There are many sex poses around, and places to bring a date if you are into making love in interesting public places. However, I loved the atmospherics for photography, I decided that Ryce Skytower should role play as a security guard, and have written a story to accompany my photographs.

To visit West Lust (adult rated, please wear an observer tag if you are not a group member when you arrive):

Ryce spends another sordid evening at Security Headquarters.

The sex workers are everywhere -- they follow Ryce and strip for his attention.

A lady of the night works the subway station which is clearly illegal.

She is not impressed with Ryce and stands in a very wanton position.

Our hero is out of gas. Wet Lust is completely depraved,
and the ladies of the night will not go away.

Ryce patrols Wet Lust -- and comes across a horrific scene!

Ryce comes across a murder scene-- but is ignored by the authorities.

Ryce calls his supervisor from a busy public toilet to report the strange murder scene.

His supervisor tells him not to worry, what he witnessed was the filming of a tourism ad.

Ryce cannot believe it but Wet Lust has now legalized prostitution!

Ryce continues to patrol.  His attitude changes.

A very sweet night worker and asks Ryce  to take his shirt off
so that she can "examine the goods".  Ryce complies with her request. 
She suggests that Ryce could  triple his income working shirtless.

Ryce decides to go with the flow and see where the evening will take him

Ryce enjoys the cool  air against his bare skin and heads out in the night.


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