Thursday, September 4, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Watching the Zeppelins Circle the Sky at the 1920's Berlin Project

The 1920's Berlin Project is a good representation of Berlin at the height of the decadence and care-free years of the Weimar Republic. The famous movie Cabaret, based on the "Berlin Stories" of gay writer Christopher Isherwood, have entered the popular imagination portraying Berlin as the ultimate party-town. All this would come crashing down in 1933 when the Nazis seized power in Germany and banned anything "deviant" and "degenerate".

Zeppelins, huge rigid airships which were first designed and built by Germany in the early part of the 20th century were seen as an emerging transportation mode in the 1920's and occupied a huge part of the popular imagination. The Graf Zeppelin, the most famous airship in 1929 was an astonishing 236 meters long (776 feet), almost as long as a Second Life sim. One is tethered on the ground in the photo below. Watching them circle in the sky is one of the best things about the excellent 1920's Berlin Project. I highly recommend that you visit if you have yet done so.

To visit:

To see my full write-up and more photography from the 1920's Berlin Project:


For a full write-up and more photography from the 1920's Berlin Project:

Extensive Wikipedia entry explaining project (excellent write-up):


Flickr Group (note: over 8,600 photographs posted)


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