Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Ryce Visits Asalia House

Asalia House, which appears to be built by Turkish Second Lifers, is simply magical. You land near a floating bridge that has a very large and incongruous green bottle floating in water which you can pose yourself in for some cool photographs. What is it doing there? And what about the highly ornate cafe on the north side of the island? Everything works well together as a cohesive design statement. Highly recommended for lovers and photographers -- there are many animations for you and your partner to enjoy.

All images use the Windlight Sky Setting  "Ghostly Manor" already programmed for the destination. I thought the pale green light and early summers evening effect worked well with the landscaping. I applied a slight lomo effect to bring out photographic depth and dimension.

To visit:

To see more photography from this destination:

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