Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Relaxing Autumn Landscape at France Portnawak

Leica Arado's Portnawak had featured a very well done build which showed a sinking Titanic-like oceanliner in an frozen environment. She has now transformed Portnawak into a beautiful early autumn cove complete with a lighthouse and a small well-done modern art gallery. Interesting objects float in the water and add to the mystery of this destination which is highly recommended for a visit.

I used Leica's own soft Windlight Sky Setting which is programmed at the destination. I like the way the soft light blends with the golds, reds, and lavenders of the trees and landscape.



To see the Flickr Group for the location:

To see Leica Arado's Flickr Stream:

To see Ziki Questi's full review and photography:

To see my earlier blog post when this destination featured the sinking Titanic oceanliner:

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