Saturday, September 6, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Heaven Scent at Dusk

Many island sims inn Second Life have relatively sparse vegetation, and lots of sandy beaches, similar to what is found in the subtropical climates of my home state of Florida. Another approach is to have a profusion of tropical vegetation, usually with limited variety, serve as a backdrop to the water's edge. Heaven Scent takes a less common approach and shows some very well done water vistas in more temperate climates, with a wide range of lush plant life.

What I like about Heaven Scent is the almost infinite number of views that can be photographed here, since so much care has been spent on making sure nothing is monotonous. This is a very attractive destination that is done right and highly recommended for a visit.

I took these images using the Windlight Sky Setting "Rot".

To see the rest of my photography from this destination in a different light settings:

To visit:

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