Friday, September 5, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Alice In Wonderland - Inspired Dysphoria

Alice-in-Wonderland inspired Dysphoria has a dark beauty that brings it into the world of magic and dark fantasy. The trees, flowers, and giant mushrooms -- especially when viewed with correct light settings-- are a highlight, as is the intricately designed china settings and interiors of the lighthouse and castle.

Dysphoria is a Second Life Editors' Pick for September 2014 and is highly recommended for a visit.


When you arrive make sure to join the Dysphoria group (it is open enrollment). Then jump through the tunnel which you can see near the rabbit in the above photo. You will come to another room, touch the key, and then enter Dysphoria though the small door which is actually a teleport.

Note about photography:  Although a Midnight Windlight Sky Setting is recommended, I used (TOR) Dusk Fairytale Glow for these images.  It is a night setting, but has very beautiful light which makes the sky and nearby objects shimmer.

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