Friday, September 19, 2014

Classic Television: Flipper, The Show With the Hottest TV Daddy of All Time, Debuts 50 Years Ago Tonight

Flipper and his hot daddy, Porter Ricks

Flipper, an American televsion series about a Florida dolphin and his all-American goodlooking family debuted 50 years ago tonight.

Flipper is best remembered for two things -- a contagious theme song, which you can still hear played at aquatic-themed entertainment parks, and handsome Brian Kelley, who played the part of Porter Ricks, who was perhaps the best looking television daddy of all time. He always had his shirt off for an extended period in just about every episode.

Brian Kelley- Dreamy 60's Beefcake Pushed Ratings High

To find our more about Flipper:

To download the Flipper theme song as an MP# file:

And the contagious theme song called Flipper-


  1. Nice clip. Thanks. He is a fine looking guy.

  2. I thought I heard on NPR that Bewitched also started 50 years ago today...


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