Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Begins Tonight: Ana Lenabem's Amazing Artwork Celebrates a Favorite Season

The Northern Hemisphere Autumn starts later today, marking the end of summer. The Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of Spring today.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures -- although I have to wait until November for cooler and dryer weather to come to Florida. I also love the changing leaves and golden colors of the season, even though we do not have any of this in South Florida's semitropical climate. I can still celebrate my favorite season by visiting autumn locations in Second Life, and looking at great artwork including these great images by Ana Lenabem.

Most animated artwork (done as GIF's to show moving graphical animation) are very cartoonish looking. Not Ana Lenabem's. I found her art on Flickr and it is truly amazing and available for download. You can fine it here:

Please remember to credit Ana if you download any of her art and textures and use it in any web publication.

One thing -- if these gifs are too large, they will make your blog extremely laggy as mine is right now. And I am running two of them because they are so nice. So make sure you upload them with caution.

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