Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Broken Dreams Project Opens: Remembering Victims of Bullying Who Have Taken Their Own Lives

The Broken Dreams Project, a place to remember and reflect on all the young lives that have been lost as a result of  bullying, has opened in Second Life.  Jared Palianta has built and funded the project.

Jared states that the Broken Dreams project is dedicated to victims of bullying who have taken their own lives. An epidemic of bullying against LGBT teens and other at-risk youth has swept the United States and other nations. Social Media has exacerbated the ability of bullies to make lives unbearable for those who do not have the support they need.  The only alternative for some is suicide.

The Walls of Remembrance Listing Lives Lost to Bullying 
This gardens and remembrance walls are both tranquil and upsetting. An eternal flame burns to the memories of those young people no longer with us. When you visit, please consider making a donation at one of the many collection boxes at the gardens to help Jared defray some of the costs.

To visit the Broken Dreams Project:

There is a website which provides more information:

The Eternal Flame So That They Will Be Remembered

Some of the Organizations Supporting LGBT Youth at Risk

The Broken Dreams Project at Sunset

Matthew Shepard and Jamey Rodemeyer- Candles Burn in Their Honor

Fountains Provide a Unifying Theme
Micah Starsider, Ryce Skytower, and Founder Jared Palianta at the Broken Dreams Project

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