Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here are 20 Pieces of Music for you to Download for your Second Life Wedding

Eddi Haskell Officiating A Wedding 

I have posted 20 short pieces of traditional music (anywhere from 2- 8 minutes) for you to use for your wedding, or at any other event where you need formal music to establish a mood.

You can find all these pieces here:


The music is  divided into the following categories:

First, the traditional wedding marches. You will know both these tunes. They are best played after the wedding ceremony, when the wedding couple leaves the event:

  • March - Mendlesohn
  • March - Wagner - Modern
  • March - Wagner - Traditional

The wedding should begin with a processional. This alerts your guests that the wedding is about to begin. You can walk to the altar to this music.

  • Processional - Trumpet Voluntary
  • Processional - Bach-Air on G String
  • Processional - Charpentier Te Deum
  • Processional - Jean Joseph Mouret
  • Processional - Franz Schubert - Ave Maria (Instrumental)
  • Processional - Gabriel Faure- Pavane

String music can be played at any time during the wedding. It is softer than processionals, and slower. It makes for good mood music to be played during the ceremony itself.

  • Strings - Borodin - String Quartet No. 1
  • Strings - Elgar Chanson de Matin
  • Strings - Elgar- String Quartet- Salut d'Amour
  • Strings - The Girl with the Flaxen Hair by Debussy.
  • Strings - Philadelphia String Quartet - Ave Maria by Schubert
  • Strings - Rachmaninov, String Quartet, Romance
  • Strings - Dvorak-Serenade
  • Strings -Tchaikovsky String Quartet - Andante Cantabile

Finally, here is some vocal music that can be played at any time during the wedding. These are traditional, but you can select any music you like to play at your wedding.

  • Vocal - Jessye Norman - All the things you are
  • Vocal - La Forza del Destino - Renata Tebaldi
  • Vocal - Marilyn Horne - Simple Gifts- Copland

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