Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations:Choking Grit and Grime at Virtual Decay

Virtual Decay is a retail sim that sells structures and other items are have been abandoned or are in states of virtual decay.  The  itself is a dust-filled junkyard populated by abandoned cars and other items with some traces of commercial activity such as porn shops along the periphery. The air is so brown and filthy that it can make you choke if you stay outside too much, especially on long and hot summer days and nights when air conditioners tax the power grid.

In real life, I was reminded of those photographic sets from declining cities such as Detroit which ore overwhelming yet compelling -- and strangely beautiful- at the same time. The textures and structures here are very realistic, as is the spot light and flashing neon which greatly add realism. This is one of the best builds of its genre in Second Life, and highy recommended for a visit.  Make sure to check out the interior of the main store which will be behind you as you transport to the landing area:



Honour McMillan has a great review of this destination together with some very good photography:

To see photographs at Virtual Decay's Flickr Group:

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