Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Beautiful Italo-Byzantine Church at Solaria

Solaria is a very pretty destination. The village itself is on the sea; reminding me of the seacoast on the far north of Italy on the Adriatic -- near Trieste. Traces of Austrian, Roman, and Venetian architecture can be seen.  The beautiful church on the island, impressive with murals from both the Byzantine and Renaissance periods, is a great example of Italo-Byzantine Architecture.  This is one of the best visualizations of an Italian period church in Second Life, and, together with the rest of Solaria, is a must-see destination and highly recommended for a visit.

I used Windlight Sky Setting (TOR) Midday "Nostalgika" with a slight lomo-effect finishing in these images.

To visit:

I photographed Solaria earlier in 2014.  You can see my photography here:


  1. Thank you very much Eddy for your wonderful pic in My land

  2. Thank you for constructing it and making it available to all of us in Second Life! It truly is a gorgeous place.


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