Saturday, August 2, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Jungle - Photographing a Psychedelic Safari

The Jungle is not a very realistic destination- instead, It is a magical and psychedelic safari, packed with wildlife and brightly colored flora. Some of the scenes are a bit gruesome, such as the crocodiles getting ready to devour the heard of tasty jungle cattle shown in the scene below. The massing of moving and stationary animals, the abundance of green and brightly colored (and luminescent) flowers and trees, and the touches such as the tribesman below dancing with spears before a hunt make this a must-see destination, and very unique in Second Life. I highly recommend you visit.

The Jungle is a Second Life Editor's choice for July 2014


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  1. This is nice, thanks, I am Perry Krell (Also Keneu Karu, in SL), co-builder/owner of the Jungle, that has long since faded into the sunset. Linden Labs couldn't help me to be able to continue to provide places like the Jungle for good people like you to enjoy. Leigh Elton and I spend literally thousands of dollars to give SL a place where fun can be had, seeing the stories you all wrote about us, made it all worth it, but ultimately economics forges reality. We are happy you enjoyed what we built!


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