Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Famous German Battleship from WW2, The Bismarck

I am a World War 2 naval history buff, and I was lucky enough to discovered a replica of the great German Battleship The Bismarck, which fought one of the most famous sea battles in the Second World War in 1941, in the Yumix airport area. A replica of the famous U.S. aircraft carrier Yorktown,  which was sunk at the Battle of Midway, is located nearby, as is the U.S. battleship Arizona which was sunk at Pearl Harbor. Lots of interesting military fighters are located in the airport, and this is a must see area for any military aviation buff, and recommended for a visit.

You are going to have to cam out a bit to find these ships at the edges of the sim because the teleport takes you to a central area a distance away from the ships.  There is also a very nice underwater area which has interesting plants and sea life.

To visit the Second Life Bismarck:

You can purchase the Bismarck and the other ships. They are sold by Potyek Zenovka on the Second Life Marketplace.

To find our more about the Bismarck:

To see another Battleship nearby, the Japanese Yamato, built in full scale with amazing detail head over to my earlier blog entry:

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