Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Colder Water, A Northern Island Bathed in Frosty Winter Light

The colder water is an island sim that has three very old lighthouses surrounding a desolate island. The only structure is a cozy shack to escape the outside cold air and warm yourself at a  fire, Something very odd -- moving giant jellyfish in the sky-- make the visitor realize that the black skies and waters here are very much a dream. Once your eyes adjust to the black light, you realize that this is an incredibly beautiful destination that is well worth a Second Life visit -  and is highly recommended.

The top two photographs were taken with the native dark cloudy sky Windlight setting automatically programmed for the destination.

To visit:

Check the following blogs our for great photography from this destination:

Ziki Questi

Caitlin Tobias:

There are moving jellyfish in the sky -- I made this GIF animation from about 30 animations below.


  1. Thanks much for the compliment! Pleasing my readers, and the great builders of Second Life with my photography and writing makes it all worthwhile for me!


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