Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The 1920's Berlin Project Shows What Life Was Like in the Cabaret Years in Interwar Germany

The 1920's Berlin Project is a good representation of Berlin at the height of the decadence and care-free years of the Weimar Republic. The famous movie Cabaret, based on the "Berlin Stories" of gay writer Christopher Isherwood, have entered the popular imagination portraying Berlin as the ultimate party-town. All this would come crashing down in 1933 when the Nazis seized power in Germany and banned anything "deviant" and "degenerate"-- but it certainly was fun while it lasted!

What was have in Second Life is a very good representation of 1929 Berlin, with cafe's, zeppelins, famous landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, art deco apartments, and even a gay cabaret for the visitor to experience.  It is all very well done, and highly recommended for a visit.

When you visit the 1920's Berlin Project, you arrive in the shopping area above. A train station is located at the end of the street (not shown in this photograph)- the train that you will see in front of you (shown below)  is actually a teleport.

Make sure to wear a 1920's outfit which you can but in the shopping area-- for men, a suit, tie, and hat are recommended--  to comply with role play requirements. There is a Swank Brothers store (for guys) on the shopping street when you arrive which sells period men's outfits like the one Ryce is wearing below. There are also several period stores for the ladies at the entrance.

This is a must-see destination for anyone in Second Life, and also is a destination for experimenting with Oculus Rift Headsets, a new category in the Second Life Destination Guide. I highly recommend that you visit.


Extensive Wikipedia entry explaining project (excellent write-up):


Flickr Group (note: over 8,600 photographs posted)


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