Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations:Choking Grit and Grime at Virtual Decay

Virtual Decay is a retail sim that sells structures and other items are have been abandoned or are in states of virtual decay.  The  itself is a dust-filled junkyard populated by abandoned cars and other items with some traces of commercial activity such as porn shops along the periphery. The air is so brown and filthy that it can make you choke if you stay outside too much, especially on long and hot summer days and nights when air conditioners tax the power grid.

In real life, I was reminded of those photographic sets from declining cities such as Detroit which ore overwhelming yet compelling -- and strangely beautiful- at the same time. The textures and structures here are very realistic, as is the spot light and flashing neon which greatly add realism. This is one of the best builds of its genre in Second Life, and highy recommended for a visit.  Make sure to check out the interior of the main store which will be behind you as you transport to the landing area:



Honour McMillan has a great review of this destination together with some very good photography:

To see photographs at Virtual Decay's Flickr Group:

Great Second Life Art Exhibits: Catch The Pink-Themed Art Exhibition Over At The Holtwaye Art Space

There is a very good pink-themed art exhibit that you should catch over at the Holtwaye Art Space right now.  Holter Rez co-directs the gallery with Wayne NZ, the exhibit includes works by Tomais Ashdene, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Awesome Fallen, Ziki Questi and Bianca Xavorin. There is a media room by Fuschia Nightfire entitled "Faerie Grotto" which is very well done with moving pink animations, I show this in my GIF photography which is the last image in this post.

I loved the construction and lighting effects of the set for the exhibit which initially was constructed for an opening party on Saturday August 30.  The complexities of the build unfold like layers of geometric lace with throw architectural shadows on the prints and posters. I deliberately used rich lighting effects to show the set design in these images; you would be best keeping your light setting on the recommended neutral Windlight Sky Setting programmed for the exhibition.

 I am not sure how long Holter and Wayne NZ will leave the exhibit staging on display-- so hurry over if you can.


To read more about the exhibit head over to Ziki Questi's blog:

To see more about the opening event check Bock McMillan's blog:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Desiderium

 Photographed at Gay Fun World on Thursday night.

Great Second Life Destinations: Ciudad Malalife, Set in a Decayed South of Market District in the San Francisco of the Future.

Ciudad Malalife is a decayed, almost post-apocalyptic urban environment with a San Francisco backdrop. Landmarks such as the Transamerica Pyramid and Bay Bridge can be seen in the background. The build reminds me of the old South of Market district before it was gentrified about 10 years ago. The art galleries are particularly good, make sure to visit the lower levels of the build to see various clubs and rooms to socialize. This is a very atmospheric build, with delightfully sleazy touches such as the entrance and guard to Club Kitty (shown below) and is recommended for a visit.

To visit:

For excellent photography from this destination head over to the following blogs:


Honour McMillan:

I will be reviewing another delightful rundown urban destination here tomorrow, Virtual Decay.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Water Colors of Second Life Landscapes using Free Fotosketcher Software

La Caprese
I made these watercolors using free Fotosketcher software. You can choose watercolor, oil, pastel, or pencil drawing, among other effects, to transform your photographic software. You can also frame your images with a wide variety of simple and realistic frames.

You can download Fotosketcher here:  You then must upload your images to the Fotosketcher web site to complete your transformation effects.

You can see my full review of each destination, including SLurl information, through the link under each watercolor.

Noble Goes Dutch

Blue Lotus Okiya

Love Kats

Amazon River

Heaven Scent

Terra Lascivious