Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Great Television Comedy Seinfeld Premiered 25 Years Ago Tonight

The great television series Seinfeld premiered 25 years ago tonight as The Seinfeld Chronicles. The show has been ranked the #1 comedy of all time.

For more about the show:

My favorite episode in all of Seinfeld's history was in Season 4 when George Constanza's (Jason Alexander;s) mother, played by Estelle Harris, catches him doing something inappropriate in the bathroom with a copy of her ladies magazine -- and then goes into traction collapsing from the shock of seeing her son treating his body "like an amusement park".  Here is George's visit to see her in the hospital. There are subplots, but this episode is my favorite.

Estelle Harris, by the way, is still going strong in acting, playing roles in television and film at the age of 88.

The other classic character from Seinfeld is, of course, The Soup Nazi. Who can forget No Soup For You!

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