Thursday, July 10, 2014

Press Release: Vista and Blossoms 2014 Opens - Major GA Summerfest Event

Note from Eddi: The Following Press Release Comes from Garth Raleigh & Othon Weiland,
Vistas & Blossoms 2014 Coordinators

~a GA multi-sim, juried Landscape, Garden & Destination Exhibition
A GA 7-Year Anniversary Event
In conjunction with the GA SummerFest 2014
JULY 11 - JULY 20, 2014

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: The concept is to feature multiple GA properties of varying LANDSCAPES, GARDEN SPOTS and UNIQUE DESTINATIONS throughout the Gay Archipelago. In effect......a 'mutli-sim' event! This one-of-a-kind event will officially open grid-wide on July 11th and will run thru July 20TH. The regions are linked to all other sim/estate entries via an LM-GIVER BILLBOARD - allowing touring guests to jump from location to location (23 diverse regions to explore this year!) to enjoy all the Exhibition has to offer.

Touch a picture tile on one of the billboards located at each region entered and you will receive an LM to tour that estate. You will also receive a note-card that each participant has prepared describing the areas interest and varied attractions that VISTAS & BLOSSOMS tourists will be experiencing. In their own words, they will tell you about what they have created; sometimes their approach to creating the landscape/garden areas; their philosophy on presenting their creations to sim/estate residents and visitors, etc.

The featured entries need NOT be professionally landscaped, nor gardened - only a presentation from a sim/estate owner/manager who is proud of the work that has been done to terraform, landscape and garden in order to beautify and add interest to the property. Displays do NOT have to be huge and awesome....merely inviting and complimentary to the surroundings.

Our Top Three Winners from 2013 will be acting as the judging panel and will be awarding L$34,000 in cash prizes at an Awards Gala on July 20th in the following arenas:

Best in Show: L$15,000
1st Place: L$7,500
2nd Place: L$2,500

Best use of water feature: L$1,000
Best urban setting design: L$1,000
Best rural setting design: L$1,000
Best 'Themed' design: L$1,000
Best use of a dedicated structure: L$1,000
Best 'Commercial' setting design $L1,000
Best 'Residential' setting design $L1,000
*New: BEST use of wildlife/animals $L1,000

AFTER you have toured the regions exhibiting, we invite you to VOTE (free) for your favorite overall region at the voting board on GA Coronal Estate.

During the 10 day exhibition, these regions will be visited by people from all over Second Life! This event is listed with Second Life - LindenLabs - as a 'Featured Event' in the Destination Guide!

Vistas & Blossoms, 2014 is presented to you by the Estates of the Gay Archipelago and is a friendly competition amongst neighbors. We welcome you to this event of exploration and discovery through July 20th

Begin Your Tour Here:

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