Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Masterwork Machinima: Celestial Elf's Animation of Alan Watt's Account of Nirvana is Pure Enlightenment

Celestial Elf presents his animation of Alan Watts' account of Nirvana. as recorded in his Lectures on Buddhism: The Middle Way in this Machinima. I like the feel of this production -- the Zen simplicity, the calming images, and the natural sounds all yield a combined Masterwork production.

Celestial Elf writes the following about the machinima:

Was Watts an Environmentalist? Whilst Watts discouraged the chasing of philosophical devils because as he saw it the exercise is fundamentally futile, in terms of protecting the environment, I would say that he was one of its key facilitators. Watts provided a holisitc 'eco-spiritual framework' which enabled many to understand our place in life., providing an explanation of how the environment and human existence are not separate items, but coexisting expressions of the infinite and incomprehensible cosmos. 

To continue, head over this his blog "The Dance of Life"


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