Friday, July 11, 2014

I Have Deactivated My Account On Facebook. Here Are My Reasons Why

What is the point of joining if Second Life Residents are not really welcome?

I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account. I have made this decision once before, only to reactivate my account - primarily to boost my KLOUT score which was as high as 65 at one point, a very impressive number, and also to post things to my circle of Second Life friends in the Facebook community.

But I have thought about it, and I am out. Here are my reasons for deactivating my account.

1. Facebook does not allow anyone but real world people with real world names to open accounts. If they catch you as anyone but, they will throw you out. They have been evicting Second Life Residents who are not opening avatar "pages" with real life information at a very rapid pace. Having a Second Life account on Facebook makes you a walking target to be thrown out. And all it takes is one sneaky person to report you, or an algorithm which I suspect is at work.

2. I refuse to link  real life information in any way, shape, or form with my Second Life account on Facebook. Although instructions are given on how to make your Second Life avatar page hidden from your real life information by creating a "page", I do not trust it.  There are too many privacy glitches out there that stand a potential of outing your avatar in real life.

3. Some advice -- According to the last study I have seen, over 80% of companies check Facebook and other social media before they make hiring decisions. And like it or not, Second Life still has a very strange reputation out there in the real world. Many of you do not want potential employers finding out about your Second Life friends and activities on Facebook, and Human Resource departments will routinely make a record of these things in their background checks. This applies for internal promotions. All it takes is one delve into your virtual reality identity to cost you a job -- and unfortunately things like this happen. I do not want to mix my two identities.  Having both a  real life and a Second Life Facebook account just seems too risky to me -- since my IP address for both is the same.

4. Facebook has a strange content policing policy, and a very generous definition of what constitutes adult photography.  All it takes is one person to report an relatively innocent photo that will get your "reported" or even "suspended".  This is juvenile and moronic. I was reported so many times in the past for non-sexual avatar photography that Facebook gave up policing my images.

5. I am convinced that Facebook is conducting experiments with the Second Life community. I believe, for example, they know full well that Eddi Haskell is a Second Life avatar -- I do not see how they would not know. My account is five years old. I have over 2,000 Facebook friends (I actually know perhaps 100 of them) and not a real life person. Many Second Life Residents are routinely suspended--  but I have never had my account suspended. Not once. I have never been warned either.   I am convinced that they were leaving me alone, and suspending my friends, to gauge my response to Facebook. They have already admitted that they were experimenting with user psychology by serving up ads and gauging the response to happy and depressive content.

There are other reasons for leaving Facebook -- but for now, I am out. Please leave me a message inworld (to Ryce Skytower please on a note card), or even better, contact me at if you want to reach me. I check my email all the time. My photography that I have run in Facebook always runs on my blog, so make sure to check back here on places to visit in Second Life.

But for now, so long and farewell Facebook!   I will miss many of friends there, and may decided to come back -- but for now I am out.

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