Friday, July 11, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Kingdom of Alurel, A Well Designed Fantasy Residential Sim

In order for a residential are to work well in Second Life, everything has to be in unison and proper scale. In addition, the area itself has to be unique and offer something - something that will enthrall residents to log in and enjoy their virtual homes.

The Kingdom of Alurel is one of the best theme-oriented (in this case, fantasy) private developments I have visited in Second Life. It is absolutely enchanting. The large central public area, which includes an undersea party pavillion (see images below) is very well done, as is the tower above.

The ruins on the island, which the visitor can discover, include an overgrown maze in striking green veined stone. The houses and dwellings are all unique, making for what has to be one of the best neighborhoods of its kind in the virtual universe. Highly recommended, and open for visitation.


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