Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Eiffel Tower at Aspen Fell -- Classical France and the Northern Lights

Aspen Fell is a fantasy of arctic lights, a rolling North Atlantic storm, and stand-out architectural elements that work very well together as in a fantastical dream. The dark night and violent ocean (turn your sound up) grab your attention as you first arrive-- as does the Parisian-inspired classical elements of the arrival area, including a great adaptation of The Eiffel Tower. The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - serves as a unifying theme across the entire island, which is set to nighttime light. Snowfalls, Pine Trees, and places to dance and lounge make this destination highly recommended, and one of the most unique I have seen in a while. I highly recommend a visit.


To see my full review and other photography from Aspen Fell:

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