Thursday, July 3, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations:Insidious, The Spread of Ideas at LEA 18 - Extended Through The End Of July 2014

Insidious, The Spread of Ideas, by Frankx Lefavre. is one of 20 excellent art installations which has been granted an extension for visiting through the end of July, 2014.

What I was reminded more of when I viewed this exhibit is not the spread of ideas as much as the spread of dreaded Alzheimer's Disease taking over the human brain. I am attending seminars on the subject now-- this is a condition that a cure may very well be available for in the next decade or so. There are currently many clinical trials underway of drug and other therapies that are showing positive results in treating this condition.

The progress of the disease, like Insidious demonstrates, shows the action of proteins which appear here as black "spiders" coming out of cobwebs interfere with the proper functioning of neuron transmissions (tau proteins).  It was so well done, I am wondering if this is a coincidence -- or if the artist (see sculpture above) had this dreaded disease in mind when constructing the installation. It could also be that since I am attending several classes and meetings on this subject every month, I simply have this concept on my mind right now.

This is an excellent art installation, provocative, and highly worth a visit.


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