Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gay Archipelago's Summerfest 2014 Will Open On July 11 -- A Message From Ricogenu and Parvin

Ricogenu and Parvin from the Gay Archipelago

Note from Eddi:  Gay Archipelago Summerfest is coming, and it will be a spectacular event. One of the things I like to do is put on huge fireworks shows and I have three events scheduled forSummerfest, including shows for both opening and closing nights. I will be getting you information on these events next week. Here is a message from Ricogenu and Parvin on the upcoming event, and a preview of the build which is captured in the YouTube video below.

GA Summerfest 2014 - One of the many missions of the Gay Archipelago

As we begin the Summer Season, the Gay Archipelago is happy to bring  to you the GA Summerfest 2014.  Many people have been working hard putting our event together this year in the continuing tradition and without your participation, none of this would be possible.  We anticipate great feedback and turnout as we celebrate the vast LGBTQ community in the small world we call our virtual home.

We have more than a handful new members to GA and that has helped bring in fresh spaces and ideas into the GA Mix and we trust as you get to know our newest neighbors you will taste a bit of everyone's culture by the end of our time together here.   Lasting just one long week, we encourage you to get out and participate, bring your best friends and stretch that comfort zone a bit while you find some new inspiration for your second life.

We look forward to seeing you at as many events and sponsor booths we have lined up this season that you can.  When you run across the Summerfest 2014 team, be sure to pass a kind word of thanks for all the achievements they have made in the process.  Happy Summerfest to all!

         Ricogenu,  GA Lead
         Parvin (Xcept Atlas),  PR

You can find our more about the Gay Archipelago and Summerfest here:

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